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H2-R (200x200x100) – HUMAN HOUSE ROOM

profile pictureLucia Cannone

For Kant space is ... \"the necessary condition of our stay and our stability ...\", we need to take the space and learn about our existence. ... \'S very existence of\' I am certain it is only referred to \'the permanent existence outside of us. The space is as real as the perception of external phenomena and ideal because it exists as a priori form of sensibility. Is the physical space around us and within it the perception of us, without us there is space and space that interacts with us and with the outside world. When the integration between real and ideal space is sustainable, the union is indissoluble, and can then create beauty and life. Space is also an abstract entity we create when we interact both physically and emotionally with objects and people. This space becomes a conductor of action, faster or slower. The work consists of a space (the physical environment of the ecosystem, abiotic component). The passages that suddenly open on all 4 surfaces cancel the physical space and burst into reality represent the community (biotic component) of the ecosystem of the physical environment or living beings. The space and its figures as an ecosystem, where each element enters into a relationship with each other, represent an open system that interacts dynamically with the environment to generate a continuous flow of energy that the ideal human intellectual and capable of generating : emotions, beauty, exchange, mutual understanding, friendship and love. The material used is a foam material that breathes and absorbs stress to the total and unconditional openness to the outside but is also able to capture the positive energy given off by the man as does the sun with the ecosystem.


Sponges Pannels









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