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FINANCE PRISON (La prigione del denaro)

profile pictureMARINA PROFUMO

This work belongs to the series \"Imprisoned Brains\" where the drawing of a brain is printed on a plastic sheet and put on a layer of concrete on the canvas with a net pressing the plastic sheet in front, thus creating a swelling of the underlying material. The grid is secured to the net with wire and nails that mainly strengthen the idea of imprisonment. The previous works belonging to the series “Imprisoned Brains” referred to man in general, to citizens of a modern world they invented. Instead of making it progress from the intellectual point of view and making it evolve, man is stamped on and imprisoned: A prisoner of conventions, beliefs, wrong upbringing, the environment, the behavioural stereotypes inculcated by the media, fashion, complexes, phobias, habits, the wrong job, money, mental laziness. In my work “Finance Prison” the drawing of a brain is printed with the image of a lot of international banknotes to symbolize our money obsession.


Sculpture made of foam rubber, wire netting, printed plastic sheet, paint, canvas.


cm 30x50x3







400.00 £

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